BSD Request Form

Thank you for visiting the "Project Intake" form. This form was created in order to provide users with an electronic format to submit their project requests. Your project must be initiated through one of two different paths. Each path has been customized to receive projects of a different type and scale, utilizing a different assemblage of personnel and services.

A) The Plant Work Order Form: This form is located at: and should be used for the following types of minor work requests: installation of shelves; wall and corner guards; other woodwork; picture hanging; assembly of furniture; painting and patching w/ out need for invasive work; specialty plumbing such as acid basins, special lines, and silver recovery traps; refrigeration devices such as freezers, coolers, and ice machines; devices providing dedicated power, UPS, explosion-proof outlets, and UV & germicidal bulbs. Though not comprehensive, this list contains a good sample of projects involving Physical Plant.

B) The Key Work Order Form: For University buildings please contact For UCM please fill out this form along with Authorization from your department leaders

C) The Project Intake Form: This form is included below and should be used for all facilities, design, and construction (FDC) related requests: 1) a space planner; 2) project planner; 3) architect/engineer; and 4) cost estimator. This form should be used for any requests that require invasive work involving electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, or coordination with CBIS /IT. The majority of all requests typically utilize this form. The following resources are provided to assist in your submission: Office Space Guidelines; Furniture Budget Calculator, and are located at here.

D) The UCH Project Intake Form:

Note: Send Attachments to S. DeBlaze (Layouts, Staffing Plan, Org Chart, Equipment List, etc.)

If you have additional questions please contact:

For technical difficulties please contact: